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Livoletide is an unacylated ghrelin analogue that was previously in late-stage clinical development for the treatment of hyperphagia in Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS). This rare genetic disease is characterized by hyperphagia, a chronic unrelenting hunger, that leads to obesity, metabolic dysfunction, reduced quality of life and early mortality.

In the ZEPHYR study, a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pivotal Phase 2b clinical trial in 158 patients with PWS, administration of livoletide once daily for 12 weeks showed that livoletide did not result in a statistically significant improvement in hyperphagia and food-related behaviors.

Livoletide was well tolerated during the ZEPHYR study, with injection site reaction being the most frequently reported adverse event, as expected with an injectable drug, and mostly mild in severity. A total of 2 patients (1.3%) dropped out of the study during the 12-week core period. There were 4 serious adverse events reported during the 12-week period, with none being related to livoletide treatment.

Millendo has made the decision to stop all livoletide development efforts in PWS, including discontinuation of the 9-month extension and initiation of the Phase 3 ZEPHYR study.

For more information about Millendo’s pivotal study of livoletide (ZEPHYR) please visit www.clinicaltrials.gov (NCT03790865) or the Our Patients portion of our website.

We are deeply grateful to the patients, caregivers and researchers who made the ZEPHYR study possible. Thank you.

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